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You might think a hardwood flooring lacks the features and characteristics that can make it a perfect personality match. However, the opposite is true. There are many ways you can personalize these floors to get everything you want and need from them in a variety of settings.

When you purchase wood floors, you have options that allow you to get the best appearance, durability, and functionality. Species choice, for instance, helps your floors reach their expected lifespan that can average 100 years or more. Many other options allow you to further make these floors your very own.

Wood floors add character and performance

A species selection gets your floor shopping experience off to a great start. Be sure to consider your lifestyle and in-house activity level to make sure you have a floor that’s hard enough for your traffic. Choosing a softer-than-necessary species can cause your floors to wear faster than they should.

Other options that allow for magnificent personalization are a sealant, stain color, finish, and installation methods. All of these can work together to create a floor that is truly your own. But that also works for all your preferences and requirements. You don’t have to "settle" when choosing this floor covering because you have extensive options to make it your own.

It’s important to remember that we cannot install these floors in below-grade spaces where dampness, humidity, and extensive temperature changes can cause damage. If you need flooring for a room like this, we recommend a wood product such as engineered wood flooring as a beautiful alternative. It’s still an authentic wood floor, but with more protection, thanks to the excellent upgraded construction and top wear layer. When you're ready to find out which of these materials will be best for your spaces, be sure to visit our showroom when you’re in the area.

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